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3rd Annual  Pony Xpress Gravel 160

May 21, 2016

Craig Kozak defends title

 After working together for over 95 miles the “Donner syndrome” set in and a 3 way battle developed between last year’s PX160 - 90 mile race champion Craig Kozak, California’s Kent Hammond and 2016 Encierro Velo Champion Charlie Dean. The last 2 miles Kozak put the hurt on Hammond and Dean to break away for the win in 5hrs 49 min. Kent  Hammond arrived 10 seconds later with Charlie Dean arriving another 20 seconds later. The 3 averaged 17 miles per hour for the 98.6 mile gravel course.

 Marieke Dechesne was the lone female finisher. Arriving at the finish in 7hrs 40min.

Conditions where sonny with a strong south wind developing mid-day, temps in the mid 70’s.

Results, 160K, (98.6 miles)

 Men overall and age class

1st Craig Kozak,  40-49 , 1st in class , 5 hr. 49 min, series points=20

2nd Kent Hammond, 40-49, 2nd in class, 5hr 49 min 10 sec, series points=19

3rd Charlie Dean ,40-49, 3rd in class, 5hr 49 min 30 sec, series points=18

4th Paul Galliart, 40-49, 4th in class, 6 hr. 4mn, series points=17

5th Mark Eury, 30-39, 1st in class, 6hr 11min, series points=16

6th Joe Kozlowicz, 18-29, 1st in class 7hrs 2min, series points=15

7th Sam Robinson, 18-29,2nd in class, 7hrs 12 min, series points=14

8th Tom Turney, 50-59, 1st in class, 7hrs 15min, series points=13

9th Rusty Bower, 60+, 1st in class, 7hrs 17min, series points=12

10th Travis Jansen, 18-29,3rd in class, 7hrs 21 min series points=11

11th Gary Brown, 50-59, 2nd in class, 7hrs 23 min, series points=10

12th Robert Rhatigan, 50-59,3rd in class, 7hrs 28min, series points=9

13th Robert Carrera, 50-59, 4th in class, 7hrs 38min, series points=8

14th Howard Douglass, 50-59, 5th in class, 7hrs 45min, series pints =7

14th Ken Douglas, 60+, 2nd in class, 7hrs 45 min, series points=6

16th Gary Sanders, 50-59, 6th in class, 8hrs 5min, series points=5

17th Charles McNutt, 50-59, 7th in class, 8hrs 20 min, series points=4

18th David Sherrill, 50-59,8th in class 8hrs 21min, series points=3

19th Jared Shuttleworth, 40-49, 5th in class, 8hrs 36 min, series points=2

Frist female

Marieke Deschesne, 7hrs 40 min, only female to finish 160K, series points=20

There were 37 entries, 34 starters and 20 finishers.

70K results, there were 14 starters  

1.    Kyle Pitman, male ,3:04

2.    Ken Brecheisen, male, 3:08

3.    Drew Wacker, male, 3:10

4.    Chriss Perodesa, male, 3:17

5.    Phil Tahmindjis, male, 3:35

6.    Steve Clark, male, 3:51

7.    Merry Vender Linden, female, 4:02

8.    Chris Podzemny, male, 4:03

9.    Zak Weis, male, 4:04

10.Andy Wood, male, 4:20

Thank you to First Pentecostal Church of Trinidad and Christ in the Canyons Church of Cokedale for their tireless and gracious efforts at the feed stations .

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